Baccarat Winning Tips Used by BET168 Players!

To win money in BET168  baccarat, it is important to understand the rules of the game and develop a sound betting strategy. A popular strategy is to bet on the banker’s hand, since the banker has a slightly lower house edge than the player’s hand. It is also important to manage your money effectively and avoid chasing losses. Finally, it may help to take breaks and limit your play time to avoid making impulsive decisions.

How to Play BET168  Baccarat for Beginners

For novice players who have not been exposed to online BET168  baccarat at BET168 casinos, you may not know that it is very easy for beginners to make money. First of all, you shouldn’t be fooling around. After you are familiar with the methods and rules of gambling, don’t rush into the game. As a beginner yes, you can watch a veteran play a game and try to walk at your own pace and see how it goes.

learn from experience

When you see some old players who have lost a lot of money playing BET168  baccarat, you can first look at the cards of the banker and the player, what makes the player keep calling and betting, and why the banker wins money ?
Imagine if you were playing a game and saw your hole cards, what would you think next? Do you continue to call to see other people’s hole cards, or just give up calling and lose your first start? As for small bets, after playing BET168 baccarat, you have to think carefully and learn from other people’s failures.

improve self-judgment

Sometimes I see my own cards and see that my points are not high, but I don’t know what the next round of cards will look like after calling, and whether the cards in my hand will continue to bet. Value.
Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you will encounter such problems when playing BET168 baccarat. Few people will learn calmly, or make mistakes in judgment due to nervous factors, so you should not continue to play and follow. , but keep upping the ante and losing a lot of money as a result.

Get rid of the Law of the Lost Gambler

BET168 Casino How does BET168  online baccarat get rid of the law of gamblers losing money? In fact, it is very important to change the inner feelings, and it is also very important to regulate emotions.
Don’t get mad at losing money and then get carried away. Originally, your gambling strategy was very clear, but after losing a few rounds of small baccarat, your emotions lost control, so it is normal to win or lose, so be calm.

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BET168  Baccarat Betting Tips

BET168  Baccarat is a game of luck, but there are a few tips and strategies that can improve your chances of winning. Here are some tips that might help:

Martingale betting method:

Baccarat MARTINGALE betting techniques are derived from game theory and are the most commonly used betting strategies by BET168 Casino baccarat veterans. The BET168  baccarat martingale betting method emphasizes that there is no raise when winning, double the chips when losing, and return to the original betting amount after winning.


If the first bet is 100 yuan, when the player wins, the same bet amount of 100 yuan will still be kept. When the player loses, the player will double the bet amount, which is 200 yuan, but when the next round is won, the bet amount will be returned to the first group of 100 yuan.

Conditions of departure:

In order to prevent the player from losing all his chips, when the player’s chips are lower than the next bet, he is out of the game. For example, the current chip is 100, if you lose 7 times in a row, according to Martingale, you should bet 2×7=128, but since you only have 100 in hand, the player should choose to leave the game.

In summary:

The proportion of players’ chips is roughly proportional to the proportion of making money and leaving the game. The probability of winning money and leaving the game with more chips is almost several times that of less chips.

The advantage of the Baccarat Martingale betting method is that players can pre-calculate the extent to which they can afford to lose, and can decide whether to continue calling, but usually online casinos limit the betting limit. BET168  Baccarat martingale betting method, you need to be careful.

1-3-2-6 betting method:

The BET168  Baccarat principle 1-3-2-6 betting method is more interesting than other betting methods. Players bet 1 unit in the first round. If they win, they bet 3 units in the second round, and so on. If they win in the third round, they bet 2 units. If you still win, you bet 6 units on the fourth hand, but if you lose, you have to get back 1 unit.


  1. Bet 1 unit first.
  2. First win: add 1 to the second bet, and the total bet is 3 (first bet 1+win 1+make up 1=3).
  3. 1st Loser: Return 1 unit of original bet.
  4. Second win: win 6 units at this time, accept 4 units, and bet 2 units for the third time.
  5. 2nd Loser: Return 1 unit to the original position.
  6. The third winning: the betting amount plus 2 units, the fourth betting 6 (the second betting 2+2 winning+2=6).
  7. 3rd loser: Return 1 unit to the source.
  8. After winning all four steps, return to the starting point and bet 1 unit.

In summary:

The purpose of the 1-3-2-6 betting method is to allow players to make a lot of money quickly in a short period of time in the case of winning streaks, without losing too much money when they lose.

In other words, the 1-3-2-6 betting method is a relatively low-risk and stable baccarat betting method, but when using the 1-3-2-6 betting method, it should be noted that the final goal should be It is 12 betting units, so it may take longer to play. In addition, the 1-3-2-6 betting method is more suitable for the player to bet, because if the banker wins, he draws, and the player’s total bonus will be reduced.

PAROLI betting method:

The Baccara t PAROLI betting method is a multiplier type betting method. When a player wins a game, the chips are doubled for the next game. If they lose, the bet chip value will be reset to the initial set bet value.


Suppose you bet 10 yuan at the beginning, if you win, you bet 20 yuan in the next round, then 40 yuan, and so on, but as long as you lose, the player must go back to the beginning. And start betting from 10 yuan.

In summary:

The betting method of Baccarat PAROLI is a multi-mode operation, which is more suitable for betting on the banker or player, but not suitable for betting on a tie. The biggest goal of PAROLI betting style is to prevent players from losing.

However, if the player has won 5 to 6 rounds in a row, then the betting amount should also be limited this time, so as not to increase the betting amount continuously and cause the next loss. To cause more damage, it is best to leave the table as soon as possible.

PARLAY betting method:

The purpose of the BET168  baccarat PARLAY betting method is to increase the player’s betting rate. The method is to first set the player’s initial bet amount. If the player wins, the bet is doubled on the second round so that the player receives the same prize money as the initial bet.


Suppose the player bets 20 yuan first, and gets 40 yuan if he wins, and bets 40 yuan in the second round (first bet 20, win 20). If it wins again, they bet. The next round is 80 yuan, and so on. But if you lose, it will return to 20 yuan.

In summary:

BET168  Baccarat The PARLAY betting method is similar to the PARLAY betting method, the difference is that the goal of the PARLAY betting method is to win at least the initial betting amount, but due to the relationship between multiple betting, the PARLAY betting method has a higher risk and may lose More money, so it is recommended that players use the PARLAY betting method to get out of the table quickly when winning streaks.

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