Baccarat skills must be learned by BET168 baccarat beginners

If you want to make money in bet168 baccarat, you must learn some skills, right? Today I will teach players what BET168 baccarat skills can be used, so that you can make stable profits in BET168 baccarat!

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BET168 Baccarat Odds and House Edge

Payouts in online BET168 baccarat casino games depend on whether you bet on player or banker. When betting on the Player, you will win 1:1, that is, for every chip you bet, you will get one chip. When betting on the banker, payouts on online casinos are usually slightly lower, as your winnings will be 95% of the original bet. This is because the banker hand has a slight inherent advantage in the game.

The third betting option in BET168 Baccarat is Tie. This means betting that the total number of two hands is the same. In most online BET168 baccarat games, the odds of a draw are 8:1, but there are some exceptions to this BET168 baccarat rules, depending on which game you use.

Various BET168 baccarat tips

Next, I would like to introduce to you BET168 baccarat skills and various ways of playing. It is suggested that players can try one by one in the casino and choose the most suitable set of BET168 baccarat strategies for themselves.

BET168 Baccarat Martingale Strategy

The martingale game is to get back the bet lost in the previous game, and then assume that the next game will be profitable, the purpose is not only to return the money but also to make additional profits. At this time, the player’s bet becomes the key factor in determining victory or defeat. This is the core of BET168 Baccarat Martin strategy.

BET168 Baccarat’s Bai Ya strategy

The purpose of using the BET168 Baccarat Bai Ya strategy is not to get back the lost bets, but the goal is to directly win the winning streak. Assuming that the player made a profitable bet in this round, he will bet the bet and the profitable bet in the previous round together. If the player makes a profit, the bonus earned will increase significantly. According to this strategy, even if it is a really unfortunate loss, the loss bet will not be too much.

In addition to using these BET168 baccarat tactics to play the game, the psychological quality of the players is also very important. They can clearly and calmly analyze and observe the situation of the casino, themselves and the game, and they can find the most suitable BET168 baccarat strategy for them.

BET168 Baccarat Martin Tactics

Assuming that the player loses this round, the next round of betting will become double the bet of the previous round. Assuming that the player loses five games in a row, the wager to bet on the sixth game will be 32, that is to say, bet 1 in the first game, 2 in the second game, 4 in the third game, and 4 in the fourth game 8. Bet 16 on the fifth round and 32 on the sixth round. The total bet is “1+2+4+8+16=31”. If you win 32 in the sixth game, the result is a profit of 1. The biggest purpose of Martin’s tactics is never to lose money, but this is also a negative tactic.

Some of the downsides of these tactics are that it is possible to hit the betting cap set by the casino, and it is very possible to double the bet and be forced to stop. For another example, take the minimum bet value of 1 and the maximum bet value of 100 as an example. “1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64”, if you lose seven games in a row, you can’t continue to play like this. Therefore, the BET168 baccarat Martin betting method is biased towards high-risk, low-expected-return betting methods, which are usually used when BET168 baccarat betting is at a disadvantage.

bet168,baccarat,bet168 baccarat,BET168 baccarat skills

Martin Tactics Evolved

Literally, it is an evolved version of Martin’s tactics. Compared with the original Martin’s tactics, this trick is a betting method that can maximize profits. When a player loses money, not only double your bet amount, but also add the original bet amount. For example, if the losing streak starts from the first game, then the original version of Martin is 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on. But the evolved version of Martin’s tactics is 1, 3, 7, 15, 31 and so on.
According to this way of playing, the profit is not only +1 times. However, the risks brought by such an advanced version of Martin’s betting method also increase, so unless you really have quite enough slot machine funds, I do not recommend players to use this betting method.

BET168 Baccarat 2-in-1 Tactic

The two-in-one betting method in the BET168 baccarat strategy is to earn back the bets lost in two games in one game. The gameplay is quite simple, first record the lost bet, the bet is the total amount of the numbers on the left and right.
Write down 1 first, assuming the bet is 1 in the first game. If you lose this round, write 1 on the right, which will become ‘1, 1’. In this way, the bet for the next game will become left plus right = 2.
Repeat this way, if you lose four games in a row, the sequence will become ‘1, 1, 2, 3’. The bet in the next game will be 4. If you win, the numbers on the left and the right will be eliminated. At this time, the sequence will look like ‘1, 2’, and the bet in the next game will be 1+2=3. The final result is winning: 2, losing: 4, and the total income and expenditure become zero.

BET168 Baccarat Monte Carlo Tactics

This betting method requires players to prepare pen and paper.
1. First write the number sequence “1 2 3” on the paper.
2. Your betting amount is 1 of the number on the left, plus 3 of the number on the right, which is 4.
3. If you lose, add a number to the far right. In the example here, the number to be added is (=4), which will become “1 2 3 4”.
4. If you win, if the multiple is double, eliminate the 1 on the left and the 3 on the right. If the magnification is tripled, the two numbers on the left and right will be eliminated.
5. If all the numbers in the series are cleared, it is tantamount to the end.
6. If you still want to continue playing, go back to step ‘1’ above.
There is a small disadvantage of this betting method of Monte Carlo tactics. If the player does not have enough betting funds, the betting process may be forced to stop due to insufficient betting funds. If it loses in a row, it may reach the upper limit of betting, and the loss at this time may be a bottomless pit that is difficult to fill.

BET168 Baccarat Dalambell Tactics

Darlan Bell’s tactics can be regarded as a relatively simple online BET168 baccarat gameplay. Assuming that you start betting from 1, when you lose money, you will bet +1 in the next game. If you win, the betting amount will be -1 in the next game. Although the return on investment of this Beijing car betting method is low, it has the advantage that the risk is also low. Even if you lose money accidentally with this BET168 baccarat betting method, you can minimize the loss.

Is the side bet of BET168 baccarat useful?

Baccarat online BET168 is currently one of the easiest games in online casino games. Players have only three basic options when placing a bet, including Player, Banker or Tie.
Many players are satisfied with this simple configuration. However, some BET168 baccarat fans desire more betting options.
When the BET168 baccarat game has side bets, it is also loved by players. The latter offers the chance to win bigger prizes than standard bets.
However, the downside is that side bets also carry a higher house edge. Therefore, you may be wondering whether it is worth spending your time on Baccarat side bets at BET168.
Most of the online BET168 baccarat offers more than a dozen bets, Renyoubo Casino will not discuss other exotic bet options here, but you can see some common ones in some physical and cash version online casinos Betting options.

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